Not Just a Love Song


Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky.

– The Love Song of  J. Alfred Prufrock  [T.S. Eliot]


…to look in the eyes is to go blind,
Of the rest of the world;
See from the heart, the divinity which lies,
For it never lies…

…those milky gems, beneath perfect lips,
Behold my thirsty glance,
Ah! your charm and angelic countenance,
Carry me to the trance…

…my heart lies,
And beats for you;
Nothing else, just your charisma,
Makes it skip a few —(beats)—

…hear it as you lay over me,
Your head on my chest,
Lets be still, and live the moment,
Let time be at rest…

…its disease and only cure,
Lies in thy hands,
Be mine, let us go,
To those distant lands…

…lands where lovers live,
Away from this and that;
Go there with just our souls,
And remove the ‘thinking’ hat…

…sickens me how the Ego works,
Plays the dirty game;
Money, power, and/or fame,
Sometimes achieved, but mostly shame…

…so why be its slave, when we’ve a soul,
That which is Divine;
That which we all have the same,
Yours is just as mine…

…let them yell, let them cry,
For they don’t understand love;
Let us go, just you and I,
There’s a world above…

Tarun Joshi


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