I Wish If Ever I Could Be Lucky……..Ever Again…..!!!!

On 4th August 2012 I lost my friend in one of the University of Jaipur. I lost him that was entirely my loss. I lost him because he was not given proper medication at the time he needed it. Though I promised him I’ll always be there for you but I couldn’t when he needed me the most. To overcome this loss was not in my hands. I was unable to concentrate on my forthcoming paper of my competitive examination which was about to held on 12 August 2012. His so-called friends didn’t inform me on the day one. Being known to the fact that Saket and I were best friends. I was being told about this mishap 2 days before my examination, when I already left for my city Jaipur. I was stunned for a minute; speechless does not know how to react. I closed my eyes remembered my best time which we both cherished together. I realised he used to say “No matter what, what worst happens to you but if you decide your priority, you know what it is important than concentrate on that, because life goes on whether people around you exist or not.” I realise it and after a second I implement it. I paid my tribute to him by remembering him once again. The bond was such, Ambience was such, the bliss was such, and the wind was suave. I was in train, my dad was slept. I got down from my berth, put my feet inside my sleepers, went near to gate, open the door felt the rain…train was running at fast pace. I was knowing in heart if I went too near to look out of the gate I may lose my self…but in that case the entire loss will be of my family not mine…Saket’s presence in my life made me at least that strong, the fear of being dead was completely lost. I never felt afraid of being dead. Saket being my best friend always told me “never punish someone else for somebody else’s deeds” I closed the door came back to my berth, tried to sleep but , not able to….didn’t slept whole night …sudden change in my behaviour though worried my dad. He came to me asked what has happened to me, why I’m behaving such strange manner, my reply was “leave me alone for some time, no questions, no answers, no comments, enjoy your life n let me lead my life in my own way.” My so-called friends Vaibhavi Singh, Vikram Singh shared n even tried to share certain things with few of those friends of Facebook, Klout and more. They created lot many stories among my friends
That they were unable to believe that how could Anandita turned out to be like this. Mess was created all around me. I lost again friend indeed my buddy Mohit. I took it at easy. Though it was tough to live without a friend like Saket. He was person whom I used to ask everything before I start. Almost 2 weeks are passed still I can feel his omnipresence. Still I feel he is somewhere around me.
My way to life has changed, not only I tried to do it but somehow it’s hard enough to lead my life without my best friend….!!!!

Anandita Trikha
UCSSH, Arts College, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur



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Love can conquer everything in this whole wide world, except of-course love of a greater intensity . . . 

Ynxda Shazam

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur



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