Republic Day – A Celebratory Week!

With 5 days left for the Republic Day to dawn… Voice out your concern for your college, your workplace, your locality, your community and your country at large for a brighter and wiser tomorrow.

Let’s celebrate this glorious week of patriotism together…

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The Girl In The Metro Train

It was the chilly month of December. The date? 21st to be precise. I was to board the metro to meet up with my best friend in Purani Dilli. It was a quite normal exercise for me. Go to a station, get your ticket, security check and wait until the train arrives. Well, Delhi Metro is a world-class one. To ensure reliability and safety in train operations, it is equipped with the most modern communication and train control system. So I didn’t really had any complains if I had a to queue up in the long line for a ticket. A foreigner yammered about the language barriers and how he traveled the Indian subcontinent, of how he loved it in Goa, blah. . . blah. . .as if I was interested.

Anyway I managed to go downstairs at Rajiv Chauk and literally had to run to get inside. I settled near the gate on the either side, had a funny feeling of it getting jammed because I never saw it open. The setup seemed quite normal, the jam-packed bogies with a range of people and almost all of them were well dressed. Delhiites have a great sense of fashion, every one wants to look their best and does too, moreover Palika and Sarojini make life easy for young asses like us. I was as usual a numb personality with my eyes glued to my cellphone, refreshing pages of the articles I had written desperately waiting for a comment of appraisal. The world was normal so was I, until I saw her!!

She stood there almost ten steps away from me. She was standing with someone, probably a friend. It might sound more than over rated but she indeed was ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’ I had ever seen in my entire life. I shook myself just to reassure if I wasn’t dreaming or something. I adjusted the focal length of my eyes, she was cute. Yeah, I know guys state every girl as cute what’s new in it? But she was different…different from all the other cute girls that I had seen. Her face lit as if it was an early morning sunshine. Her eyes were sparkling as if about to cry or may be had the tears of happiness, with the kajal on, they just looked like a deep-sea which itself expressed infinite emotions. She was tall but not taller than me I thought, so we would not look awkward if together. I know it’s ridiculous to have future prospects with a girl you just saw…but you never know!

Everything happened in a fraction of seconds, the moment I saw her, till the moment I realized, I was going to ask her out or may be propose to her for marriage! It was the first time when those annoying announcements were not at all audible, I felt being in a movie when a guy sees a girl and everything blanks out and there is music in the background. And then….

She looked at me…despite of the shielding effect provided by the public…those beautiful eyes met my not-at-all-beautiful ones. I tried to maintain my composure, I felt weak, as if I had puffed a joint of marijuana. It was hard for me to believe, but yes, she looked at me. And every time when she did that, my heart skipped a beat or two. She was smiling and it made her look more angelic. We exchanged a few more smiles and eye-contacts until I realized that my destination was two stops away.

I felt like going up to her and strike a conversation, maybe ask her number or something so that we might meet someday over a coffee, the CCD ad, ‘a lot can happen over coffee’ raced through my mind making me quite excited for the days to come. I thought of dating her at almost all the go-able places for couples. I had planned all the gifts for Valentines Day, her birthday, our anniversary etc. I even named our kids…!! But, for a guy like me it seemed like solving a maths paper without a scientific calculator. I cursed myself for being a gynophobic. I tried to back myself up, “Come on you ass, she is just a girl…” But, while trying to pull myself further a second thought occurred to me “Dude she’s a girl, that too a beautiful one…look at yourself, you are so out of her league.” Hence fearing the public humiliation I postponed my intentions of talking to a girl to some other day or maybe some other life.

My stop came…and probably for the first time in my whole metro travelling history I wanted to travel more. I wanted to be with her but my thoughts changed as soon as the gate opened. I kept looking at her and literally did not watch my steps which made me almost trip on the platform. She laughed, so did I… we looked at each other until the moving train set us apart. She looked sad… I suddenly felt that I should have talked to her… or maybe not have stepped out until she did. I felt like a looser standing on the edge of the platform… If there is anything called love at the first sight…that was it. I closed my eyes to make myself remember of how she looked. Mesmerizing even in my memories… the cellphone ring brought me to reality.

“Where are you man?” inquired my friend. “Just coming in two mins…”

I left…

The girl from the metro train, if you are reading this…you might now know, I am the same guy who was looking at you that day…

Aditya Dubey

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